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Airdrop event for 2019 Kaiser Meet up live viewers


Airdrop event for 2019 Kaiser Meet up live viewers


Hello, Kaiser folks!

Kaiser meetup will be starting from 2PM today(Jan/05/2019)

Kaiser meetup will be live on air through the link below at the same time to the whole world.

Youtube live link :

Airdrop event for the users who just view this live without attending the meetup on the spot, will be held. The details of the event are as below.


1) Enter Kaiser Telegram Community (

2) Install the bank App. ( and create wallet address

3) Fill in the answers to the questions that CEO of Kaiser, Inyung Jung gives during the meetup


 After completing all 3 missions above, please fill in the form by entering the link below, and the application is done.

30 KISCs will be airdropped to all the participants.

Hope that many of you view this live since we will make an announcement about the demonstration of new technologies and various boons other than the event above.

Thank you for your interests.