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Kaiser, made NDA and MOU agreement with Huobi Indonesia to set Southeast Asian market in advance


Kaiser, made NDA and MOU agreement with Huobi Indonesia to set Southeast Asian market in advance


Blockchain platform, ‘Kaiser’ announced on Jan. 10 that it has recently made NDA and MOU agreement with Houbi Indonesia.


Global digital asset exchange, Houbi opened the exchange in Indonesia on September 7, 2018 through the partnership with Asia Financial Group.


According to the business report, it proves that Southeast Asian market including Indonesia is emerging as an important market for the cryptocurrency market with high potentiality due to the high economic growth and rapid development of IT and financial services.


In-Young Jung, CEO of Bizblocks says, “Bizblocks decided to collaborate with Huobi Indonesia in order to preoccupy the blockchain based payment system market in Indonesia.


BerineXiong, CEO of Huobi Indonesia has also sent the congratulatory message for ‘2019 Kaiser meet-up event’ held in Jan. 5.


He told in message, “Kaiser and Huobi Indonesia Group should discuss the future of blockchain and the use and acceptance of it. We also have to consider Southeast Asia and all the surrounding countries are going to use the blockchain technology.”


The blockchain based payment system is supposed to be commercialized through the payment system of cold wallet, ‘Kaiser Wallet’ and ‘Kaiser PayBanC’.


Jung said “We are discussing the process to establish the payment system through PayBanC in detail and will try to implement it in markets in Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan as well as Indonesia.


Meanwhile, Kaiser has established Kaiser hardware wallet line-up starting from the hardware wallet, ‘Kaiser Wallet’ with CC the highest level certified up to the hardware wallet, ‘PayBanC’ without any device.


It is heard that Bizblocks is planning to launch Kaiser hybrid DEX(Decentralized Exchange) and complete the ‘Kaiser Ecosystem’ project  based on Hyper Aiserchain optimized for the real life in the upcoming March.