We can combine blockchain with various industries and categories by designing contracts which can be applied to business sectors differentially

and provide business partners with competitive solution.


Provide development tool

Kaiser's DApp chain is appling API of Aiserchain and secures convenience and safety in developing Dapp.

DApp chain
- We help make own chain using API/SDK of Aiserchain in order to activate the use of platform.

Provide development tool, Aiser-CLI _Command Line Interface
- Aiser-ClI provides Init, Compile, migrate, Debug, Discard, secures and helps convenience of development circumstances.

Blockchain Mainnet Aiserchain

Bizblocks implements Aiserchain, hybrid type blockchain combining public and private chain

  • Connect with blockchain through user authentication
  • rapid speed, 2,000 TPS
  • Contract from the attacker using BSM, maximize the security of private chain

development and verification Smart Contract

It is service that designs, develop and verify smart contract suitable for business partner circumstances.

Bizblocks uses differentiated secure contract not general smart contract.

  • Solve hacking and security related issues
  • Design smart contract fitting to the business purpose
  • Verify smart contract which can be operated consistenty

transfer/payment service

Effective payment system using feature of blockchain which transaction history is open transparently

  • It is possible to compose effective payment network which minimizes the role of payment agent between franchise and card company/bank and to increase stability because it is impossible to forge and manipulate transfer information.