Bizblocks History

  • 2019B ~ 2020

    • Launch PayBanC 2.0
    • Expect to release crypto payment system
    • Plan to connect gift-cash card
    • To be released on OTEX (OTC+DEX)
    • Expect to launch Crypto Custody
    • To be listed on KRW Market
    • Schedule to register electronic financial business


    • Launch PayBanC 1.0(Mobile App-based cold wallet)
    • Launch Aiserchain mainnet)
    • List KISC on LBANK
    • Develop Blockchain video platform
    • Start Incubating, Accelerating buisness
    • Chinese Blockchain companies MOU, NDA TrueChain, Alphacar, EveriToken
    • Domestic Blockchain companies MOU, NDA Ollepang, Creative Farm, AbleUP
  • Bizblocks’ Future

    Bizblocks has developed and is scheduled to do various platforms using Aiser Chain to reform the platforms of all the society with many problems and Kaiser Wallet Bank system and will move forward number one global company leading blockchain and hardware security technology.

    2018 B

    • Develop and launch Kaiser Coin based donation, travel, advertising, payment agency P2P platform Launch Kaiser Hardware wallet (online sales registration)
    • Kaiser Wallet (리얼 카드타입)출시 및 통신판매업 등록
    • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoincash, Quantum, ERC coin listing complete
    • Testnet, mainnet separation complete
    • Host conference ‘Blockchain 3.0 bringing paradigm innovation’ in Seoul
    • Participate in Bwc(Blockchain World Conference) conference
    • Host ‘Pan-central Asia blockchain & security technology and practical plan’ in Kyrgyzstan
    • Participate in ChainXChange conference in Las Vegas
    • Host a conference ‘Blockchain 3.0 bringing paradigm innovation’ in Vietnam
    • Participate in a conference ‘MARVES HONGKONG’ in Hong Kong
    • Participate in a conference ‘Block Festa 2018’ in Seoul
    • Move headquarter from Singapore to Kyrgyzstan
    • Establish Kyrgyzstan government access control computer system
    • Scheduled to complete Aiser Chain main net establishment
  • Bizblocks’ Present

    Bizblocks is in businesses of cold wallet, information security business, blockchain based platform service, e-government accomplishment business and has developed Kaiser Wallet with more outstanding security technology than any other cold wallet and made it practical use. Unique hardware technology (ICchip) embedded in Kaiser Wallet is the most important technology of Kaiser Wallet.

    2018 A

    • Kaiser시제품 출시 및 Kaiser Wallet 프로젝트 검증 테스트
    • Start to form Smart Contract
    • MOU agreement of Kyrgyzstan Smart City
    • Kaiser Wallet B(월렛뱅크알고리즘 테스트진행)
    • Found Singapore corporation
    • Apply a patent of security authentication
    • Apply a patent of Software authentication
  • 2017

    • Review necessity about the first Connect Test for hardware authentication
    • The second Connect Test for authentication
    • The third Beta Test for authentication blockchain and hardware authentication algorithm
    • Smart OTP application test
    • Hardware to blockchain(H2B) full test
  • Bizblocks’ New Start

    Bizblocks has been working various government R&D projects, SI(System Integration) projects, hardware information security projects for 8 years and modified the whole business Moto into blockchain and hardware security in 2016.


    • Start to review business value of blockchain and cold wallet
    • Plan blockchain authentication system
    • Confirm Erc20 based development planning
    • Review hardware authentication and launch to develop
    • Develop private blockchain applied authentication blockchain and start hardware algorithm authentication development