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Meet optimized business solution for enterprise.

BizBlocks provides state of the art paradigm to integrate your business with blockchain.
We support all the clients and users to access blockchain technology that is hard to understand easy and conveniently
through customized solutions for industry and business type.

Blockchain Establishment AiserChain

BizBlocks has established own mainnet.

Use safe amd fast platform, AiserChain based on hardware security system.

Customized Solution

Blockchain, core technology in 4th industry is being applied to various industrial fields such as finance, medicare, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce and so on. However, it needs a lot of time and costs in order to adopt blockchain to exsiting business. After analyzing the size of clients and business, Bizblocks is studying how to strengthen business through blockchain. You can create new business opportunbity with Bizblocks.

Fast, Safe, AiserChain

Smart contract

Smart contract supports automatic transaction beyond simple transaction record sharing.

Real time massive quantity processing

You can experience fast speed (2,000TPS) with hybrid chain combining public and private. You can verify and share the transactions so rapidly for certain time intensively in the service where transactions occur excessively.

Security specialized blockchain

It has powerful security with Back-hardwared Systme Module.

Exploring and tracing functions

It supports management monitoring and management rights setting for the purpose to understand data block creation and newtwork situation easily and clearly.

Encrypted Key Managing Security BSM

We offer stable circumstances by separating open server from data managing server and proceeding core keys inside BSM.

Support Convenient and Safe Business Environment

BSM(Back-hardware Security Module) generates and stores encrypted keys on physical hardware, and performs digital signatures and backups.
Poweful encrypting ability is top advantage and it provides safe and convenient business security circumstances by preventing forgery• manipulation of encrypted key.

The Range of Applications in the Security and Verification Industry

It can be used for domestic and overseas company/organization requiring pwoerful security management.

  • vpn_key

    Manage private key in cryptocurrency exchange

  • security

    Manage authenticating key in financial institution

  • settings_cell

    Verify payments in smart phone

  • desktop_windows

    Official digital document verifying process

  • how_to_reg

    Authenticate authority in data access

Service Supply Method

  • 1. Provide API

    BizBlocks manages/operates device and clients can use the BSM through API.


  • 2. Device Sale/Rent appliance

    Clients can manage/operate physical security appliance on their own.


Cold Wallet API/SDK AiserSafe

Create synergy in existing busineses by using security solution in many ways.

Easy Development Various Content Operation

BizBlocks provides cold wallet SDK with general platform businesses and cryptocurrency issuing companies.
BizBlocks' cold wallet is safe against hacking by storing and managing core keys inside separate hardware space, BSM. In addition, you can save time and expenses in developing through cold wallet moduling service and opereate a varioity of additional content besides the basic cryptocurrency sending/transfer functions.

Cold Wallet Product Advantages

Security related evaluation CC*(common evaluation criteria) the highest level

BizBlocks products use IC chip verified as the highest level EAL6+ in information security common evaluation criteria.


Cold Wallet without device. No charging, No A/S, No program installment for updating.

2 types for customers

There are 2 types for main customer of company. (Please refer to 'Kinds of Wallet' page)

Kaiser Wallet is card type and PayBanC is application type.

Cryptopayments AiserPay

Now, cryptopayments are simple and safe!
Exapnd your business by additional cryptopayments method to your company.

Global Payment Solution

The crypto payments solution enables to build efficient payment network because it minimizes the role of payment intermediaries between franchises, card companies and banks.
Also, crypto is widely used regardless of borders so anyone can easily use it.
Expand your business with the influx of the global users

AiserPay Advantages

Secure storage and transaction with cold wallet (not online wallet)

Lower commission fee (compared with card commission fee, save below 50%)

Convenient QR code payment process

Product choice based on the preference of customers ('NFC card' type or 'only App' type)

Big Data Analysis Aiserinsight

AiserInsight provides optimized solutions which analyze integrated data blockchain-based
and use it throughout business.

Blockchain Base Accurate and Convenient Big Data Utilization

With the development of Information and Communication Technologies and the popularization of wearable devices and IoT(Internet of Things), the range and size of data produced has been rapidly increasing.
BizBlocks automatically analyzes integrated data by Big data technology that combines blockchain and offers the solution with the machine learning / deep learning.

Aiserinsight Advantages

Integrated data utilization

The data in blockchain cannot be forged and manipulated so its integrity is ensured.
Therefore, it provides accurate analysis results without any artificial processing or loss.

Strong analytical system to offer machine learning/deep learning

With utilizing a high level of machine learning / deep learning techniques, you can automatically and quick generate analytical models and insights needed for even the largest data sets.

Convenient data management

Big Data • Machine Learning • Deep Learning Chain is connected to the main net so that data analyzed in real time without any system configuration is able to be utilized.

Data processing cost reduction

High GPU computing power and cost are required in order to process and analyze large amounts of data. Blockchain is economical because it is able to save money through distributed computing.