Government and companies verification

Provide the government agencies with blockchain system

Provide blockchain smart card security authentication solution

Protect information from information leakage safely

  • Protection of user's information - We manages internal data access by storing keys for user's authentication and biometric information in independent storage within smart card and by authenticating through app and blocks the risk that information is leaked for confidential document and information requiring protection.
  • QR Code security authentication - We supports safe and convenient security authentication with QRcode security authentication of app. without smart card.
  • Block abnormal users - Because only authenticated users can get access and the manager can prevent the risk of information leakage with various methods such as reauthentication and blocking when the abnormal users may try to access.

Blockchain evidence retention to prevent of forgery and manipulation system

Everyone if permitted can review easily stored transaction history which is directly shared with all the participants to unable specific transaction record to be forged and manipulated and transparent data management circumstances are settled down.

Prevention document forgery/manipulation and tracking/authentication system

  • We register forgery and manipulation of document such as certificate, permission, report card, academic credential, career credential, public document, private document and other certificates in a file using blockchain and prohibits data from be changed or deleted and manages accumulated.

Authenticate the violation of copyright, duplication authentication and tracking system

  • We can manage easily by marking copyright in blocks, verify original and copy document using feature that cannot manipulate my information and track matters that have been arbitrarily distributed after having been copied.

Provide KASI(Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute) with security solution combined with blockchain and Kaiser Wallet(card-type)

  • Enhance log-in security - make use of the irreversible data authentication function of blockchain in only Kaiser's hardware security technology
  • Store transparent information - record and store the information of all the users on blockchain(Aiserchain) and impossible to manipulate/forge or delete arbitrarily
  • Simple verification procedure - possible to

Establish and operate the smart transportation card system in Kyrgyzstan

  • Government leading advancement in the using culture of public transportation, prevention an illegal ride and cash extortion risk and achieve the transparency of transportation profit
  • Install IT solution for the domestic operating bus (IC chip + smart card) (300~400 planned and supposed to increase the number gradually)
  • Transaction history settlement agency and service operation, exploration mobile phone based payment market