Hardware Key Security for Enterprise

Provide blockchain hardware security solution(BSM) / API


Separate open server from data managing server and prevent logining or hacking by proceeding core key within BSM(hardware)

High security and accessibility
- Data and assets of customer are safe and have advantages in terms of security and accessibility because it stores encrypted keys in cold storage by separating open server from data managing server in order to use anytime, customer can use and proceed on digital.

High effectiveness
-BSM has fast processing speed, 2,000tps and it is possible to proceed over 20,000 keys at the same time and to deal with concurrent requests freely. This authentication process enables to enhance the security with multiple authentication.

Data stability
-Multiple layered and encrypted data and key are made in bulk, automatic back-up function is composed in a principle which each institute stores them in its disaster recovery system or back-up system and it can be operated safely.

Provide cold wallet API

Support communication between interfaces such as Kaiser PayBanC and other Apps

Simplify key generating development process -> save development time and cost

Interwork with customer Apps or platforms by reusing Kaiser API code which hardware security technology is embedded with
- Possible to develop efficient customized program for development purposes

Support SDK suitable for the operating system
- SDK for Android = Kaiser API for Android + Development document
- SDK for iOS = Kaiser API for iOS + Development document