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If you have questions how to purchase and use, please contact with Bizblocks.

TEL 042-825-1370

Operating hours : Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closing during weekend and holiday)

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Inquiry about the reader machine
Korean Official Channel about Kaiser Wallet Telegram Community about Kaiser Wallet

Kaiser Wallet Manual

Please meet ‘How to Use Kaiser Wallet’ through contents. Here is a multilingual guide to the manual.

NFC support Android

Kaiser Wallet 2 Android manual

Korean English 中文 日本語

NFC unsupport Android

Kaiser Wallet 2 BLE manual

Korean English


Kaiser Wallet 2 iOS manual

Korean English 中文 日本語

Reader Manual

Kaiser Wallet Reader manual

Korean English 中文

Instructions of Kaiser Wallet 2

It shows ‘How to Use Kaiser Wallet’ more easily on video.

  • STEP01 Install App
  • STEP02 Set NFC function
  • STEP03 Recognize Fingerprint
  • STEP04 Register Pins
  • STEP05 Register Key
  • STEP06 Generate Wallet
  • STEP07 Send Coin
  • STEP08 Change Pins
  • STEP09 Initialize Pins
  • STEP10 Generate Key
  • STEP11 Restore Key
  • STEP12 Delete Wallet